Closing Protocol

  1. After last class of the day/night has started, begin cleaning the floors. Begin with dust mop from reception area towards back of building.  Then use sweeper in all rooms that are currently vacant.  Be thorough!
  1. Wipe down the tables and front desk.
  1. Empty all trash cans, especially those in the restrooms and clean the sink and mirror; use wet mop / wet pad to clean bathroom floors DAILY.
  1. Check on inventory of cleaning products / restroom supplies. If low on any item, inform management.
  1. After all classes are over, use sweeper in the remaining class rooms.
  1. Shut down computer.
  1. Change sign to “closed” (if applicable).
  1. Place lock bar on rear door (North Katy location).
  1. Set alarm (only 45 seconds to exit the front door).
  1. Turn off all lights and lock doors (check BOTH front doors at Cinco Ranch location).