The best easy guitar songs to learn to play are the ones that have the fewest chords. A good source for simple songs like these are “oldies but goodies” – songs from Classic Rock bands that are still popular today.

To master these easy songs, all you need is a guitar, practice, and patience. The only chords you will need for these songs are the major chords A, C, D, and G, and the minor chords A, E, and F.

One song that is easy to play on guitar is the Rolling Stones’ “As Tears Go By.” This classic song has only a few verses and simple, repetitive chords of A, C, D, G and E minor. It stands the test of time in popularity, and is a good song for a beginning guitarist to learn.

Another is “Friend of the Devil” by the Grateful Dead. Many others bands and artists have produced their own versions of this old favorite, in part because the instrumental chorus is a breeze to learn. It features only four chords, C, D, G and A minor.

And no list could be complete without a song by the Beatles, another band whose songs prove so popular they are covered by bands of all types, from other classic rock groups to modern punk artists. Their song “Help!” is fun to play and features the simple, repetitive chords that help any beginner learn to rock out: A, C, D, G and F minor.

With these easy guitar songs to learn, mastering this instrument can take no time at all for the beginner. And soon, anyone who learns to play these will be well on their way to mastering more complicated songs.

Source by Steve Murray