Opening Protocol

  1. Disarm the alarm (only 30 seconds to disarm).
  1. Remove the lock bar from the rear door (North Katy location).
  1. Make sure lobby and classroom floors are clean as well as all tables. Use vacuum, dust mop, sweeper and wipes as needed.
  1. Check restrooms (and make sure to inspect / clean throughout the day – once every 30 minutes). Make sure the restrooms are adequately supplied with hand soap, hand towels and toilet paper.  Report any shortage to management.
  1. Make sure that all doors are unlocked and any “closed” signs are changed to “open.”
  1. Setup laptop and log into JackrabbitMusic, Cinco Ranch or North Katy website, Skype, Conservatory page on Facebook, and for those with the authority, ZOHO Docs for the Music Ladder System. These are the ONLY websites to have open on your assigned computer.
  1. Ask for or print daily lesson log.
  1. Check messages and discuss any proposed changes to the schedule with the manager. “Mark” the calendar after the discussion.  
  1. Call instructor if they have a new student on their roster to inform them of new lesson time.